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God's Garden Preschool is governed by a Board of Directors.  God's Garden encourages people with marketing, advertising, fundraising or financial experience to serve on the board.  This includes Horizon Presbyterian church members, God’s Garden parents, members of the community, the Pastor, and the Preschool Director.

The Board of Directors oversees the continuing operation of God’s Garden Preschool. The Board plans, develops and establishes policy, and assess the performance of the school.  The Board is also responsible for promoting Christian education in the community.  The Board encourages personal faith in Christ and the building of Christian character.


Reverend Joe Surin, Transitional Pastor
Genevieve Kennedy, President, GG Parent
Rachel Holm, GG Parent
Mac Castle, Treasurer, Church Member
Brian Long, Church Member
Mariott Hileman, Community Member
Angela Ratynski, Church Member, Session Liaison
Margarita Burke, GG Parent
Dr. Michelle Rhodes, GG Director


We are pleased to serve you this year.  We are looking for parents, church members, and/or community members to serve on the Board of Directors.  If you are interested in serving on the Board, please contact the Director at directorgodsgarden@horizonchurch.com. If you want to share your ideas or feedback with the Board of Directors, contact us at www.ggboard@horizonchurch.com